Monday, February 22, 2010

Holy Leaf Piles Batman!!

Our new house has a BEAUTIFUL large wooded back yard. It is going to be so pleasant during the sticky summers here to have all these gorgeous trees. One drawback to such splendor, however it the enormous amount of leaves! It may not be so bad later, but since the previous occupants left the house before fall set in, there was noone to do the raking. As a result, the leaf litter in the back yard was 4 inches thick in some places!

Summer very much wanted to try the rake. After a solid 10 minutes of pleading and pestering I finally surrendered it. This lasted all of about 2 minutes before she realized there was something she just absolutely had t otake care of on the trampoline and handed me back my rake.

These piles came out of ONE flower bed. There are equally large piles on the other side.

This is the row of leaf piles that we cleared out of the french drain that runs the length of the backyard.
I just thought I would add in this picture of the area of the backyard that Den fenced in for the mutts. They LOVE it. They have plenty of room to run and Diesel spends quite a bit of time perched on top of the dog house a la Snoopy so he can see what is going on on the other side of the fence.

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  1. I miss seasons, but that may be enough to hold off the jealousy for a little while!