Friday, February 22, 2013

Couponing Beyond the 49

One of our church's community outreach programs is called Beyond the 49. It's pretty self-explanatory. Our zip code is 85749. Each month our church partners with a local community program, thus reaching beyond the 49. Get it?

This month, we have partnered with Pio Decimo, an outreach of Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona. "Pio Decimo Center is a community center located in one of Tucson's oldest neighborhoods in the central part of the city. Pio Decimo has been a place of safety, nuturing and learning since 1946. Services include: Childcare and early child education, transitional housing for homeless families, low-cost senior housing, financial education, free tax preparation, and housing couseling and youth programs."

Our church is collecting toiletries, health and personal care, and baby items for the month of February, which will be then donated to Pio Decimo. Let me tell you, this program is a match made in Heaven (pardon the pun) for a coupon junkie like me. By using coupons, I am able to contribute more to Beyond the 49 without compromising our budget. Anyone who is willing to take the time can do it. I thought I would use Bluebonnets and Haggis to let people know the kind of difference we are able to make as a result.

This week's couponing added the following to our donation.

Tresemme Split Remedy Conditioner
Original Price - $5.29
After Coupons - a $0.26 Moneymaker!

Colgate 360 Toothbrush
Original Price - $2.99
After Coupons - $0.39

3 Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste
Original Price - $2.00 each
After Coupons - $0.10 each

3 Bottles of Clean and Clear Foaming Face Wash
Original Price - $4.79 & $5.79
After Coupons - $0.70 Moneymaker!

2 Bottles of Nature Made Vitamin D
Original Price - $4.69 each
After Coupons - $0.24 Moneymaker!

2 Jars of Carmex Healing Lip Balm
Original Price - $0.99 each
After Coupons - $0.49 each

4 Gillette Custom Plus 3 Disposable Razor 4 pks.
Original Price - $7.99 each
After Coupons - $0.42 Moneymaker!

Poise Cooling Wipes
Original Price - $4.99
After Coupons - $0.01 Moneymaker!

Always 60 ct. Pads
Original Price - $3.00
After Coupons - $0.40

Tampax 20 ct. Tampons
Original Price - $3.00
After Coupons - $0.60 Moneymaker!

SO, for a grand total of FREE (in fact I made $0.16) I was able to contribute to Pio Decimo's need and make myself pretty darn happy too!

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  1. Sarah this is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! Thank you SO MUCH for doing this!! Dumb question - you get the coupons from the newspaper right? I guess I'll start collecting now so I'm ready to go for next month!! :)