Thursday, February 21, 2013

We Got Spirit, Yes We Do

This week was a short week at school thanks to Rodeo Break, so Summer's school decided to make it a Spirit Week in conjunction with both Rodeo and the Science Fair. You know our Lulu, any chance to dress up with a theme and she is all over it.

Sports Day - Rocking her Cowboys gear

 Mad Scientist / Crazy Hair Day - Summer wanted to cover all her bases so she went with crazy hair AND a lab coat and nerd glasses. (Thank you Daddy for letting her raid your closet to find a "lab coat") The other 2 kiddos are our carpool buddies, Hayden and Raegan

Not one to miss out on a chance for pink highlights, Paige made sure she got dressed in plenty of time for me to give her some too.

What Rodeo week would be complete without a Western Day? 

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