Sunday, February 10, 2013

Top Gun in 3D IMAX

***For some reason, my slideshow is not showing up! If you click on the Click here to view these pictures larger link, the you can see all the pics of the fun***

Last night a huge group of people from all the Bulldogs, Dragons, and Lobos trekked over to the IMAX to see Top Gun on the big screen. It was SO much fun. We all dressed in our Top Gun finest and had a blast. Parts of that movie were so much better on the big screen and parts of it were definitely not. It was really interesting seeing it now as opposed to the first time I saw it. For instance, I always thought Iceman, albeit totally hot, was a bit of a jerk. Now when I see it I think, "Wow, Iceman was a pretty good dude. He's an awesome pilot, gave great advice, and was concerned about the safety of the mission." It's amazing the kind of perspective being married to a pilot for 12 years can give you.

On a side note, Oh Iceman, what has happened to you? 

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