Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Guess Who Inherited Some Of My Nerdy Awesomeness?

This kid, that's who!
 BTW, this is NOT her normal attire. She was dressed for Mad Scientist Day at school.

Summer and her friend Cami decided to work together to submit a project to the school Science Fair. They each watered four leek plants with four different beverages - water, apple juice, Diet Coke, and beer, and watched to see which plant grew the best. After a few weeks, those plants REEKED and a couple of them hatched some fruit flies. Seriously, they smelled like a Mexican bar at 9:00 in the morning. It was disgusting. However, the girls came up with some pretty interesting results. The plants watered with the Diet Coke grew significantly better than the others. Come to find out, the sodiums and phosphoric acid in diet soda are actually vital nutrients to a growing plant. I wouldn't recommend water solely with Diet Coke, but hey, if your plants are looking a little sad, it may be worth a shot.

Once all the data was gathered and the conclusions drawn, the girls got together to put together their display board. And wow, you would not believe the bickering when you put two very Type A 9 year old girls together and expect them to get something done. What impressed me the most, though, is that these two did the entire project, from concept to data entry, to artwork, by themselves, with only minimal help from us moms. 

But at the end of the day, they put together a pretty darn solid project

So solid in fact, that when we got to the Science Fair on Tuesday night we found this!

These two ladies were selected as one of only 20 projects from Grades K-6 that will be advancing to the Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair next month at the Convention Center. Keep your fingers crossed!

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