Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our Four-Legged Family

Once upon a time we had a cat - and no kids. There are TONS of pictures of that cat. Then Paige came along and pictures of the cat were a thing of the past. That cat has gone on to her eternal rewards, but we have added to our furry family. I post so many pictures of the kids, I thought I would introduce you to the rest of our family.
This is Daisy. She came to our family in 2005. She is a lab-sharpei mix. She is the sweetest dog and super protective. She is always the first to warn us if the wind is blowing or if there is a fire anywhere in a 10 mile radius. She once dug a snake out of it's hole under the tree in our backyard and killed it.

This is Diesel. He also came to our family in 2005. He quite possibly is the dumbest lab ever born. However, his loveable-ness more than makes up for it. When Den is gone he is the man around the house. He is always ready with a lick or two if you aren't paying attention. He will literally eat anything you throw to him, including vegetables. In fact, last Christmas he got the midnight munchies and ate some leftovers, all the cat food, and the gingerbread people off our gingerbread house.

This is Gidget. She is a Russian Blue that we adopted from a rescue in Tucson. She is super intuitive and anytime someone in the house is sick or upset, she hovers around them to make them feel better. She is the typical house cat. When it's cold out she can be found curled up on Paige's bed. (Paige has the warmest room in the house) When the temperature is more comfortable, she can be found just about anywhere, but usually asleep.

Finally, we have Paige's hamster Peanut Butter. As fas as hamsters go she is a pretty good one. She doesn't bite and she is relatively entertaining. She thoroghly enjoys chasing the cat in her ball and LOVE dried corn more than anything. She also likes to ride around the house in Paige's pocket.

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