Sunday, February 22, 2009

Prayers Prayers and More Prayers

Our very good friend, George Lansberry's son Brandon is 2 years old and has cancer. He desperately needs a liver transplant. I am attaching the text of an email that I got from George this morning. Please pray that all goes well and that this liver, if it works, will save little Brandon's life.


We got an offer this morning, but it's not guaranteed.....

The surgeons will travel to Cleveland to harvest the liver and examine it-if it passes, it will be transplanted into Brandon today! We won't know until around 6:00-8:00am but please please please please PRAY for a healthy liver! Pray for the medical staff as they get this organ. Pray for the surgery to be uneventful. Pray for Brandon.

Please pray for the family, for we do not know them but they have chosen to give the gift of life. Pray and tell God to comfort them, and let them know that their decision will save the life of a loving, sweet boy. Pray for this person, whom we'll never know..... The fight's not over, Pray for Brandon.
We love you all
George P. Lansberry

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