Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Virginia Aquarium

Last weekend we decided to go out and explore our new home. We ended up at the Virginia Aquarium in nearby Virginia Beach. We had such a wonderful time. The girls loved it and Paige, our budding zoologist, thoroughly impressed us with her knowledge of just about every animal there.

The Virginia Aquarium
Hampton Roads native, the great horned owl.
I just love cardinals. They remind me of my childhood.
Whistling Ducks
My very favorite sea creatures - Sea Horses!
A fish-eye view of Paigie.
I'm not sure how Ryan and Sharpay figure into the whole aquarium dynamic, but Summi
couldn't resist!
People watching
Yes, that is Summer's "I'm being eaten by a shark" face.
Nurse sharks overhead.
Da dum. Da Dum. Dadumdadumdadum.
Summer got up close and personal with a Horseshoe Crab.
The Sea Turtle tank was one of our favorite places.
The workings of a wave.
Pelicans on the pond.

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