Friday, March 13, 2009

Brent ... The Next Martha Stewart

For the past couple of days, the death smell rising out if my garbage diposal has been getting worse. I have tried everything. Bleach, citrus peels, commercial garbage disposal cleaner, you name it. I even went as far as sticking my hand down in there to see if there was anything stuck in it. Definitely not an experience I want to repeat. Enter my brother-in-law Brent. Brent is a general contractor by trade, but after today, he's in the running to be the next Martha. He told me to put a whole lot of dishwashing liquid down into the disposal and then run hot water into it until the other side of the sink filled with bubbles. Then let the hot water keep running to rinse it. I had to do it twice, but IT WORKED! No more evil smell of death wafting from the drain. Brent is now officially my hero!

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