Friday, March 27, 2009

Kiss A Pig

Today, to celebrate almost 158,000 minutes read by their school, Farmer Minor and his amazing pigs Daisy and Day2 (sp?) came to Poquoson Primary to celebrate their achievement in the Pig Out On Books Program. It was a really great assembly. The kids all got to dress up like farmers. The hardworking PTO (myself included) provided the cutest pig cupcakes and in the assembly, Mrs. Butler the principal, and all the teachers lined up to the kids cheering "Kiss A Pig" and did just that.

This is what Summer was supposed to wear to the assembly, but I looked at the calendar wrong so she actually wore it the day BEFORE the assembly. Yay me!

This is what she actually wore to the assembly.

The Pig Out On Reading Pigs

Farmer Minor showcasing all of Daisy the Pig's library cards.

Kiss That Pig!

Mrs. Bryant's Kindergarten Class with Farmer Minor and the pigs.

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