Friday, March 20, 2009

An Update From Dennis

Well folks.....only 23 more glorious weeks left in this part of the world. The past week has flown by for me. Decent weather so no duststorms to speak of for now. This is the rainy season here and the weather guy is saying that due to the lack of rain Iraq is recieving we are on line for one of the worst dust storm seasons in a long time. I had the opportunity last week to attend a St Patrick's Day party with some nice older ladies that I will have to tell you about some time ( they were very grandmother-like and well I will tell you later, but they are great Americans). About seven of us stopped by and they fed us all kinds of non-chow hall food, which was a welcome change. Lots of things with this job to keep me busy. I wish I could be home for Summer's Birthday this Monday, but once again the man states otherwise. Well time for me to run and take care of the big guy. Take care all and Godspeed!

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