Saturday, March 14, 2009

An Update From Dennis

Howdy from Not so sunny Iraq!

A big sandstorm blew in last night and turned into a big thunderstorm this morning. It actually turns the dirt/sand mix into a sticky, claylike, gritty, concrete that sticks to everything. No wonder they build houses out of this stuff. Well another Friday down and that mean one more surf n turf gone and only 24 left. That brings me to the end of Aug and trust me I am going to try to shorten that number. The days have not shortened any here and in fact things are going to get busier before they get slower. The Embassy here is really nice by the way. Best food in Iraq that I have had so far. They actually have frozen yogurt! Its the small things that help. I want to thank everyone who keeps checking up on my three girls every week. It means a lot to me. Well I am off to make things happen. Hope all is well and Godspeed!

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