Sunday, March 8, 2009

Thinking Day

Saturday was Summer's Daisy Scout Troop's Thinking Day. Each troop chooses and learns about a country and then they have various activites to represent that country. Summer's troop leaders chose France. They had berets and scarves and they made trifle for the communal meal. They had a great time. Paige stayed too and played with her friend Thomas while Summer and his sister participated in Thinking Day.

Summer's Daisy Scout Troop. Summer is the diva in the shades, of course.
Parlez-vous francais?
Once they were finished making the trifles, the girls got to lick their spoons.
Summer and Julia
One of the other troops taught them how to use chopsticks.
I promise ....
Paige spent the time playing Bakugan in the game room with her friend Thomas.

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