Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cinco Mas!

Hello everyone! I hope that this summer is treating you all as well as possible. We should only have five more of these surf-n-turfs left! I am rounding that last corner now and I can just start to see the home stretch. I know my girls are getting excited, and when I have a chance to think about it I get excited also.

I want to thank you all for the support and prayers for my Uncle and our family over the past week. Thank you very much.

Well the big guy still finds crazy ways to keep me busy over here. I am really looking forward to those 12-14 hour days again. Sounds real nice. Please keep sending me the updates on how everybody is doing and little projects that help me recage every so often. It is nice to hear what normal people in AMERICA are doing. Thank you.

Keep being Red, White, and Blue for me and enjoy a good sporting event.. Not Cricket, or Frisbee golf but either go do or go watch a sporting event like Baseball, golf, or Racing. And while you are there enjoy a good AMERICAN hot dog or snow cone. Yum.

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