Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 1: B

Yesterday was Day 1 of my challenge. I did pretty well. I hit an hour and 15 minute yoga class in the morning. It was heavy on the strength poses and I am feeling it in my shoulders and neck this morning. I did not, unfortunately, start the day with a healthy breakfast. I started the day with my morning Pepsi. Paige went to Chuck E Cheese for a friend's birthday and Summer and I had lunch at the BX on our grocery run. I am giving myself good marks for this one because I did my research before we went and selected one of the healthiest food options in the BX Food Court - Grilled steak Fresco soft tacos from Taco Bell. Eat This Not That rated them an A- and I went with steak because my Mom keeps worrying that I am going to become anemic eating all these vegetables. LOL. Anyway, I had 2 tacos and a small Pepsi. For those of you don't know, I have STRONG anti-artificial sweetener ideas, so I have made peace with the fact that I am going to have to drink regular soda and less of it.

Summer and I had a surprisingly awesome trip to the Commissary. When I let her choose something from the snack aisle, I was happily surprised to see her turning packages over and reading labels! She settled on Whole Grain Fig Newtons and 100 calorie Oreo crisps. Our afternoon was pretty hectic, what with soccer camp and VBS and I succumbed to my 3:00 junk food craving. I had a handful of Lays potato chips. Mmm, such salty goodness. Fortunately, they were borderline stale, so I am going to crush them up and make the girls some chicken nuggets with them. Adios temptation!

After finally getting the girls to all their activities, I had an hour and a half to myself last night! I should have used it to study, but instead I listened to a book on cd and chilled. I am actually giving myself points for that because I needed to relax a bit. My stress level is running a little high with finals and company coming next week on top of all of the girls' activities this week. I wasn't super hungry for dinner, so I had a bowl of organic flax oatmeal with about 10 M&M's stirred in for color. You should try it! It satisfies a chocolate craving with minimal calories and tons of good for you fiber!

I picked the girls up from Vacation Bible School and made it through the bedtime process. I watched a little t.v. and had a surprisingly tasty Lara bar. I am always kind of iffy about any kind of bar. Usually I find the texture unappealing. This one was good, though. It was the cashew cookie flavor - ingredients: cashews and dates. That's it. I got myself into bed at 11, but didn't actually get to sleep until after midnight. I am willing to sacrifice a little sleep for some chatting time with the hub. Once he gets home I am imposing a strict 11:00 bedtime on myself.

All in all I am calling the day a success. I didn't finish the laundry like I wanted to and the house wasn't sparkling clean when I went to bed, but still, a successful day.

Goals For Tuesday
Stick to the gym and healthy eating plan
Eat breakfast
Weigh in - I forgot to do that yesterday.

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