Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Best Christmas Present... EVER

I was so proud of myself this year because for the first time, I was able to get Den a thoughtful, unexpected gift, that he would never have guessed in a million years - an ice cream maker! It's a really nice one that doesn't require any pre-freezing, or anything like that. Just put your ingredients in and turn it on. 60 minutes later you have ice cream. Yay me!

I had nothing on Den though....

The gift he gave me was the most thoughtful, unexpected thing I never could have imagined - a tray of rocks.

Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful tray. He made the girls' gifts this year (later post) and we are slowly but surely redecorating our bedroom, so initially I thought that he had made the tray to go with our new bedroom furniture. Actually, initially I thought he was sending me to a spa. It's a little zen-ish don't you think? Look closer, though, do you see the two rocks in there that are wrapped in wire?

Here's a closer look. Turns out, those rocks, in particular were my Christmas present. Those rocks came from what is left of my Nanny's land. He bought it for us to retire on. I can't even put into words the shock, and appreciation, and love that bubbled up in that moment. It is by far, with the exception of my girlies, the greatest thing anyone has ever done for me. It's not just the land, though, it's the knowledge that one day, I am finally going home. I grew up, literally surrounded by family. It's one of the things that I miss most about military life. Don't get me wrong, I have loved every adventure this insane life has taken us on. The girlies, for at least part of their lives, will get to know how it feels to be surrounded by all the craziness that is extended family. That, my friends, is and amazing gift. And speaking of craziness, have I mentioned that my entire family is crazy? Completely bonkers. And I love and miss every single one of them every day. And my sweet husband is, on purpose, going to homestead right in the middle of it. Have I mentioned how much I love him?

My grandparents had the land cleared earlier this year. It was WAY overgrown and full of nasty things like poison ivy and hackberry trees. Oh, and I'm sure a snake or two. These pics are from our trip home this summer. I am so excited. Next year, I am getting a utility pole for Christmas!
Please disregard my shirtless uncle, Darrin, who will one day be our next door neighbor. I should take this opportunity to explain the layout of the land. My great-grandparents' original land has been parceled off and sold/inherited over the years. Imagine a city block. Starting from our property (SO COOL TO SAY THAT!), and working clockwise are, my Uncle Darrin and Aunt Robbin, who live in the original house, then two lots that are non-family. Next to them is my Aunt Ginny, who is actually my mom's aunt, but we've always just called her Aunt Ginny. Then you turn the corner and you have my mom's house and my Aunt Donna's house. Turn another corner and you're at my grandparents' house. Next door to them is another non-family lot, and then you're back to us.

So there you have it - our own little piece of Texas.


  1. Sarah, that is so sweet!! I got a little ready eyed :) We will be glad to have y'all back in Galveston County.