Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekly Breakdown

This week definitely wasn't as spectacular as last week in the realm of couponing. To make a long story short, I just didn't need as much stuff. :0) Anywho, here's my savings breakdown!

At the Commissary I save $12.40 in coupons. This included a club pack of Rice Krispies that was on sale for $2.99. It had a $1 off store coupon on the box and I had a $1 off manufacturer's coupon, making it 99 cents!

At Rite Aid, I saved $10.00. They had cat and dog food (both of which were on my list) on sale last week 2/$9. I used the $9 in +Up rewards that I got last week for them, which made them free! They also had packs of gum on sale for $1 a piece. I bought three packs of gum and had a coupon for $1/3 packs, so my total at the register for the dog and cat food and 3 packs of gum was $2 and change! AND I got a $20 +Up reward on my receipt, so technically, I MADE money here.

I saved $1.39 at McDonalds with a coupon for a free 4pc. chicken nuggets. I bought a sweet tea as well and combined it with some tasty fruit I had just purchased at the Commissary and had lunch for $1.11.

Finally, I saved $5 in coupons at Target. No spectacular deals this time, just a coupon for $5 off a replacement head for Summer's toothbrush.

Grand total this week was $28.79, bringing my grand total to $126.71 saved up for next year's vacay!

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