Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not Bad For A First Try

I decided as one of my New Year's resolutions to try my hand at couponing. Not the extreme stuff like you see on TV since our somewhat nomadic lifestyle does not lend well to stockpiling, but just taking the time to go through the sale ads each week and pair items with coupons. Knowing my penchant for going overboard with new projects, I decided to set some ground rules for myself.

1. I will still make out a menu each week and set a grocery list from that menu.

2. I will go through all the coupons that are expiring that week and only use the ones for things we actually need / will use. No buying something just because I have a coupon for it

3. I will only go through the sale ads for stores that are convenient for me to go to. Saving 30 cents a pound on meat is not worth having to go completely out of my way to get it.

4. IF a store is having a really good special on something we actually use (like detergent) then by all means pick some up.

I'm sure there were a few more, but you get the gist of it. I don't want couponing to be inconvenient. I am not looking to make a lifestyle change, just save a little money.

Thanks to a REALLY bad flare up in my hip and the resulting bedrest, last week was my first shot at this. Here's how I did...

  • I got a $5 rebate check in the mail from some wine I bought
  • At Rite Aid I saved $33.50 with my rewards card and $13.25 in coupons, PLUS I got $9 in +UP rewards coupons to use on a future purchase.
  • At my friend Kat's 31 Party, I used my previous hostess discount to get $24.50 off a cross-body bag for Disney World
  • At Food Lion I save $6.52 with my rewards card and $4 in coupons
  • I took Paige to lunch on Friday before her dentist appt. at Smoky Bones and saved $10 in coupons
  • DENNIS saved $1.15 at Taylor's (local hardware store) with his military discount
That makes a grand total of...... $97.92 in coupons and discounts. All of it on stuff that we actually needed and will use within the next month.

Also, I am not counting this with the savings above, since I didn't use a coupon, but I hit Justice's additional 40% off sale and spent $85.27 but save $144.64! And, except for a birthday present and a pair of boots for Summer, it was all spent on clothes for the spring and summer that were WAY marked down, then 40% off the redlines with an additional 40% off for the store wide sale. Saving money is fun!

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