Monday, January 2, 2012

Wisdom in Art

Ladies and germs, I introduce... Wisdom In Art. These amazing prints are from an oil series that super-talented artist, Kaci Beeler painted called Austin Desserts. I have been following Kaci on Facebook through her awesome husband Roy, who I have known since I was about 8, for quite some time now. From the time I laid eyes on her artwork I knew that one day I MUST OWN ONE!!! I mean, these are from Austin, people... Austin, where Den and I had our first date. Austin, home of my Longhorns. Austin, that just wants to stay weird.

They are all beautiful prints, how do I choose??????? While I do love blackberry cobbler, and the strawberry tulip cup looks divine....

Cupcakes and Airstream Trailer is singing my song!

Kaci, if you are somehow reading this, please don't sell all of these until I can find the perfect spot in my house for this and convince my husband that I really really do need it. Please, please, please? :)

Den, if YOU are reading this, I really, really do need this!

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