Sunday, January 1, 2012

Melissa's Bagel Dip

In Tucson, we had the BEST next door neighbors - The Haleys. Melissa makes this dee-lish bagel dip. I made it for our New Year's Eve parties last night and it was a big hit, so I though I would share the recipe here.

Melissa's Bagel Dip

16 oz Mayo (I used fat free)
16 oz sour cream (Fat free again)
2 tbsp dill weed
2 tbsp Accent salt
2 pkgs. Buddig corned beef (Randomly, every store I went to was out of this, so I went to the deli and had some sliced as thin as they could get it)
Plenty of bagels (I used 3 bags of the Pepperidge Farm mini bagels, but Melissa recommends New York Bagels)

Cut the meat into little pieces. Mix all the ingredients together. Cut the bagels into bite size pieces for dipping, make sure you have enough bagels cause the dip goes a long way.

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