Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The Virginia Air and Space Center (a family fave) has a new exhibit called Animal Grossology. The girlies, being the animal buffs that they are, were all over it. Since we had passes that were going to expire on Sunday, we headed over to check it out. It was fun in that giggling bathroom humor kind of way and we all very much enjoyed ourselves.

This parrot served as our guide to the exhibit. Notice the authentic looking poop all over the rock.

This was one of those bathroom humor giggling exhibits. A marble traced the cow's digestive process and when it reached the end, the cow let out a huge tail-lifting toot. No smell, thankfully, I guess the museum staff weren't interested in being THAT authentic.

This is Summer running the Dung Ball Rally. (Think Frogger with Dung Beetles)

Since I am trying to include myself in some pictures this year, I handed the camera over to Paige for a bit. Here I am playing "Who's the Slimiest?"

Here's the rest of the fam playing "Who's the Slimiest?". If you have never heard of a Hagfish, it is truly a nauseating creature. Google it.

No gross exhibit would be complete without and ode to the fly. I love the look on Den's face. He has made it his personal mission to rid the world of flies. I call him the fly whisperer because he can snatch them out of midair.

Interesting fact. Ancient people thought that since flies were so hairy that grinding them up into a paste and rubbing it on your head was a cure for baldness!

Checking out a fly up close.

It's Name That Poop!

I am SO making these one day!

This was a guess that smell game. Summer juct got a nose full of wolf musk.

Summer got a turn with the camera.

Paige spent some time reconstructing the skeleton she found in her owl pellet.

Once we finished the Grossology exhibit, it was time to use our Max Flight passes. Paige, although completely terrified to get in the thing, came out like this. I love their matching grins.

Summer and Den are inside this time. Shortly after this pic was taken Den flipped it upside down and we heard from inside the outraged scream of, "Flip me back over!" Summer did not enjoy being upside down.

There aren't words.

Den showing Paige how it's done.

It's hard to tell from this pic, but Paige was pretending that she was being blasted back by the exhaust.

Ah, gravity. You are a noble foe.

I am including this pic because apparently I am losing some weight! I don't weigh myself, so I don't know, but I am looking svelte! I wonder where that shirt came from. I should buy more of them.

We finished out our day on the carousel. We love going there. It is such a work of art. The operator gave the girls a double turn since they were so cute (and he was really bored!).

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